We are pleased to introduce our self as a Ship Crew Manning agent in Bangladesh.

We are providing Bangladeshi Officers, Engineers, Deck Cadets, Engine Cadets, Electrical Engineer Cadets and various Ranks of Ratings to foreign Principal’s vessels. Most of them are well qualified and certified from BANGLADESH/UK/AUSTRALIA/SINGAPORE/HONGKONG/MALAYSIA/India/Panama/Belize/Bahamas. Our cadets are Graduate, Diploma holder and Pre-sea Trained by govt. approved Maritime Institute. Our Ratings are well trained from Bangladeshi Govt. Seaman’s Training Institute. All of our Crews are Trained as per STCW-95 Regulation Standard. 

Since we are very careful about the selection of our Crews as per our Principal's requirement within their salary standard, we have an excellent record of service by our professionally experienced and dedicated staffs.

We always look forward to extend our Ship Crew Manning business. We can be right option for Foreign and Local Ship Owner/Operator Companies to supply Bangladeshi, Indian, Burmese , Indonesian, Pakistani and  mixed  Crews.

Interested candidates Ship Owners/Operator Companies are welcome to contact with us to the following address. All the candidates are requested to fill up the resume and send it to us. 

Ship Manning Services for all Ranks.  

Masters, Deck and Engineer Officers:

We provide complete ship manning services for all ranks for all types of vessels including tankers (chemicals, crude or products), container ships, bulk carriers, RO-RO, Passenger vessels globally. We maintain a stringent recruitment procedure as per Ship-owner / Ship-Manager/ Ship Operator requirements and standard during selection of officers and crews.

 Deck and Engine cadets:

We have number of Deck and engine Cadets who have completed 2 years of pre-sea training in Marine Academy, Chittagong, Bangladesh. The Academy is a branch of World Maritime University & A Branch of World Maritime University, Sweden. Cadets are graduated as B.M.S. (Bachelor in Maritime Science) and well trained professionally with a very high standard.


We provide ratings who is trained  by National Maritime Institute (a govt. owned maritime training institute for seafaring ratings), established in 1952. 

Travel & Visa Arrangements:

Our experienced travel division is committed and equipped for making visa arrangements and travel bookings for signing seafarers and their families on and off.

We arrange visa, hotel stay (if necessary), and transportation to the vessel for seafarers joining anywhere in the world and in any port in BANGLADESH.

Bangladesh Marine Academy.


National Maritime Institute.


     Our Team  

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